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Operation Fail-I mean, Atlantis

March 1, 2010
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Just Florin today, pointing out a fun little libertarian experiment gone awry. In the sixties, Werner Stiefel wanted to make a country free from the “evil” laws of America, so launched a ferro-cement boat headed for the Bahamas. Oh so surprisingly, the micronation failed because “due to poor design [it] began to disintegrate and eventually sank in a hurricane.” Yeah, that’s right. Launching a borderline-legal project on an old boat that you modified without considering schematics after it already got stuck in the Hudson river sounded like a great idea. The entire story of its conception and development sounds a little wacky and not entirely believable, but Operation Atlantis had a long history before that boat was ever launched. Pretty interesting reading – has bits and pieces about draft dodging, a book called How to Start Your Own Country, and some warnings against idealistic libertarianism. The fundamental reasons behind founding Atlantis are hazy, but it seems like Stiefel just didn’t like how things were being done and wanted his own country, with separate currency, laws, and all. An indication of libertarian thought in general? No, but it does show how his radical group of libertarians didn’t really have a ton of foresight. I guess his failure will be useful if I ever start a country: don’t put it on a sinking boat.

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