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The Importance of Copyright Laws

February 24, 2010
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A couple of changes:

After the monster budget freeze post and its equally fat babies, the Guilder’s Guide to Greatness Part 1 and 2, we’re going to try to keep posts shorter for your viewing pleasure. And to protect our wearied, battle-worn fingers.

Also, looks like we may have made a boo-boo. Turns out there was once a Celebrity Deathmatch show on MTV—a sort of claymation, “insensitive” type of show (Wikipedia’s words, not ours). Hence, we present our name change to Celebrity Barfight, a much… classier… feature of this blog, of course. Really, we’re just trying to be happy citizens that don’t steal names. While the next Barfight is coming up, check out a clip of Celebrity Deathmatch first for your viewing… pleasure.



February 13, 2010

Hello, soon-to-be-loyal readers! (we hope!)

In this time of two-party politics, it’s always interesting to explore the differences between the status quo and emerging movements, between centralization or decentralization, and other conflicting ideologies.

While we’re far from experts on most of the events and ideas we discuss, hopefully we can provide a balanced and thought-provoking dialogue. We are two people passionate about their beliefs, but willing to respect new ones. We’ll write as Guilder and Florin, but we’re actually two juniors at an independent school in the Bay Area. As friends, we’ve realized that while we disagree on almost any given issue, we are united in our interest in open discussion. While we enjoy the rare times that we agree on an issue, we can typically be found discussing *cough-arguing-cough* over lunch.

Guilder is a fervent libertarian who carries a Ron Paul-signed Constitution on his person at all times. He is an advocate for limited government intervention in nearly every aspect of life. In the limited spare time he has, Guilder enjoys making himself feel better by pretending to solve international issues through Model United Nations tournaments. He is currently wading through the swamp of Ayn Rand’s book/doorstop, Atlas Shrugged. (Good luck, Guilder!)

Contrastingly, Florin has been “lovingly” accused by Guilder of being a “Republocrat” with the pipe dream of being a benevolent dictator. Of course, Florin is really just a proponent of centralized government that doesn’t interfere with the social aspect of people’s lives. Involved in the local community and efforts on climate change, Florin also regularly attempts to sing: the results are usually unfortunate.

Our goal with this blog is to stimulate discussions with readers about interesting topics. We don’t usually have the opportunity to learn a lot about these current events and beliefs. Who knows? Maybe our opinions will change as we learn more. Please feel free to respond with flowers, death threats, or your much-appreciated comments.


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