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The Importance of Copyright Laws

February 24, 2010
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A couple of changes:

After the monster budget freeze post and its equally fat babies, the Guilder’s Guide to Greatness Part 1 and 2, we’re going to try to keep posts shorter for your viewing pleasure. And to protect our wearied, battle-worn fingers.

Also, looks like we may have made a boo-boo. Turns out there was once a Celebrity Deathmatch show on MTV—a sort of claymation, “insensitive” type of show (Wikipedia’s words, not ours). Hence, we present our name change to Celebrity Barfight, a much… classier… feature of this blog, of course. Really, we’re just trying to be happy citizens that don’t steal names. While the next Barfight is coming up, check out a clip of Celebrity Deathmatch first for your viewing… pleasure.


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